Migrante International on Duterte’s 1st SONA


Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) is a welcome and refreshing change from the past Aquino administration’s SONAs of empty promises, posturing and pomposity.

Migrante International welcomes Pres. Duterte’s announcement of a unilateral ceasefire in relation to the resumption of formal peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GPH) and the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)-New People’s Army (NPA)-National Democratic Front (NDF).

We are hopeful that this goodwill measure will be preceded by the immediate and unconditional release of all 550 political prisoners, including his earlier declared plan to release all NDF peace consultants. Further, Pres. Duterte’s declaration should also urgently result in the immediate pull out and withdrawal of military troops from communities, schools and ancestral lands of indigenous peoples.

Migrante fully supports the resumption of the GPH-NDF peace talks. We fully support the call and struggle for national industrialization and genuine land reform as the ultimate solution to forced migration and to end the labor export program. These are the fundamental changes and reforms that OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) and their families need in a Duterte presidency.

The plight of OFWs and their families is not isolated from the struggle of other marginalized and neglected sectors. The problem of forced migration is deeply rooted in the fundamental problems of Philippine society. Our struggle for dignity, rights and welfare, against government neglect and against forced migration plays a very important role in the struggle for genuine freedom and national democracy.

Hence, while we welcome Pres. Duterte’s efforts of streamlining and improving government services, specifically his order to extend the validity of passports and the creation of a one-stop shop for OFWs, we take notice that he did not present in concrete terms how he plans to make overseas employment “optional and not a necessity”.

The SONA made no mention of genuine agrarian reform, wage increase, ending contractualization and other neoliberal attacks on the economy. It also made no mention of a genuine reintegration program for returned and returning OFWs so that they will not be forced to again seek so-called greener pastures abroad. Filipino workers are being forced to migrate and be separated from their families because of desperation and the need to survive. The economy’s lack of development resulting in job loss, low wages and contractualization, poverty, landlessness and poor social services continue to drive them away.

Ultimately, genuine change for OFWs and families will only be achieved if Pres. Duterte takes on the path of eradicating forced migration and ending the labor export policy. His administration should work and strive for a society of authentic justice, solidarity and peace. Migrante shall continue to support the Duterte administration for as long as he continues to tread this path.

Further, while OFWs unite with the president’s fight against illegal drugs and criminality, we fear that some of his pronouncements may be misconstrued as an encouragement of the latest series of vigilante killings. We believe that Pres. Duterte will be true to his oath to respect human rights and due process in the war against illegal drugs.

In the end, only through the collective action and determination of OFWs and families, together with other sectors of society, to exercise and assert their democratic rights can genuine change fully be realized.*

*Taken from Migrante International’s website.


NAFCON’s Summer Open House Picnic


When: Sunday, July 31, 2016
Where: 4-09 47th Rd, Long Island City, NY 11101
Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

This is potluck style so please bring any snacks you are able to share with us.  APICHA Community Health Center will also be there to give us some information about health insurance like Medicaid for those who are uninsured. Click here for the FB event page.

For further question, please contact Zarah: 646-526-8952
See you there!

The Change OFWs Want in A Duterte Presidency

“Duterte’s sweeping victory is testament to how Filipinos, wherever we are in the world, thirst for a new leadership that is not corrupt and cacique. The Filipino people want a new government that will depart from all the failures and empty promises of the so-called ‘tuwid na daan’. The Filipino people want accountability for all the crimes committed by the Aquino government against the Filipino people.” – Migrante Int’l



Migrante NY at PIDC 2016, NAFCON 80+ Strong

“Lightning Rally and People’s Program” of the the more than 80-strong contingent of National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (Nafcon US-NorthEast) with the newly-established Migrante NY comprising the biggest attendance (25+) immediately after the NYC Philippine Day Parade standing “Against Human Trafficking, against Labor Export Policy (LEP) and demanding Justice for all Filipino Workers!” -Gary Labao

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Learn more about us!

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Mabuhay! Website is up!

This is another milestone for our newly formed organization, Migrante New York, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, everyday we just keep getting stronger and stronger, keep up the good work! For everyone’s convenience, we also have facebook which you can add as a friend here.

This website is still a work in progress, more features will be added as we move along like upcoming events, media page, educational materials, services we offer, news and updates and many more! Are you excited yet? We are! Be sure to always check us up to keep yourself up to date. Have a great Thursday!